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Load, and go.

The Ruby Chip for the naica® system has been designed fit-for-purpose for high-throughput digital PCR applications. It's the first "load and go" consumable for digital PCR, allowing samples to be loaded from a single pipetting step, either manually or from most liquid handling robots available on the market today.

Streamline workflows, ditch the need for extra digital PCR consumable products, and reduce variability while efficiently getting from sample to answer.

  • 16 samples/chip. 48 samples/run. 144 samples/day.
  • Single, pre-assembled consumable.
  • Efficient experimental planning, with extended stability for pre-loaded chips.
  • Compatible with automated liquid handling equipment.
  • Compatible with all naica® systems and naica® PCR MIX reagents.
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In the meantime, our expert group of application scientists have put together technical notes highlighting the features of the Ruby Chip.

Download them here:

Integration of automated liquid handling of the Ruby Chip for high-throughput Crystal Digital PCR™

Ruby Chip - high-quality Crystal Digital PCR™ consumable prevents PCR cross-contamination to ensure accurate quantification of nucleic acids

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For Research Use  Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.